Friday the 13th, Eve


I have no one–

I’m in the sun, a spotlight on my burned skin

the path is long, and paradice is n o w h e r e.

tonight under a honey moon

I will dream and feel God’s breath

(if He has enough oxygen to spare–

why don’t most people get enough

to breathe?)

this milky way city, unfair and glowing

spits me out like a meteor shower-

crazed and dark, a small night

walking down afternoon sidewalks.


too bad, hair long like kite strings

shirt like her last thread and eyes with night inside

looks desolate like she’d kill for a dollar

red-eyed like a beached cocaine whale

she must have sold herself

and turned herself off, shut her lights down

awhile ago. 

and there she goes, wandering off to Mexico…


dirty lip-using, tequila-hording, irresponsable

teenager, spanish-speaking, pacifist bitch

too loud, too awake, never sleeps,

yet in her slumber I hear my voice

loud like my pride like a kettle like

an american flag. like a girl who doesn’t deserve

anything but her own sins,

nothing to drink but her own blood,

nothing to say but ‘let’s go’

nothing to do but look into their eyes

she’s working the wrong shift

her heels are meant for the pavement


there she goes, walking into the water

still pretending, still running.






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