La estrella fugaz (the shooting star)

some nights are empty

when I have the ocean but stand on the beach

his dark figure my demon,

can’t figure out if I’m alone

I’m trying to hold onto my hours

but they don’t belong to me

God pulls time out from under me

no wonder life feels like a dream,

both are fleeting stars.

how can it be this is the life I am choosing?

breathing in wind like driftwood

letting every voice fall to a whisper in my head

yet I feel I don’t deserve you,

I know I love you,

could it be too much,

like a stellar explosion, all at once,

blinding and burning.

If I’m beautiful I can’t see myself,

I feel so low these days

I must be ugly,

I hear it in his eyes

but he says he’s tired,

I’m tired of me too.




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