Mi Tierra (My Land)

Mi tierra

los violines lloran por las rincones de esta ciudad triste

y llena de amor amargo y sueños sin destino.

A la misma vez que baila la gente


como la sombra que se detiene

por todos lados de este reino abandonado.

Mi corazón se queda con esta tierra mía

a pesar de su tristeza inmensa.

Fumamos, el viento y yo

cuando las calles son vacías,

las pocas veces que se me escape el miedo

de la soledad fatal.

Como si estuviéramos bajo la tierra,

olvidados por los de arriba.

Aunque somos los fuertes,

no nos permiten tener voces–

somos las ratas,

como si fueran ellos la ciudad.

Cantáme, Buenos Aires,

para que sepa que aun tengas esperanza,

para que yo también pueda ver la luz

en la sombra de nuestro futuro.





you are the sunshadow of my nostalgic past,

the star-ray of my blue night sky present,

the fire glimmer of my endless summer future,

I can’t believe I ever hurt you,

turned you away on Christmas

when even in anger you followed me

and walked across town with me–

I was a different person then.

Buenos Aires saw it all-

and She brings us together again,

in an ocean of fate She is our wave.

Let me envelope you–

never to drown you again

only take you in my arms

in the middle of our city,

though she breathes turmoil

and exhales restless afternoons,

I am calm in your lips,

on our porch with tea and sun.


Dejáme envolverte,

no quemarte,

ni secarte,

sino amarte.

Vos sos destino

carne y madera,

juntáte a las muralles conmigo,

vivimos camuflados 

y libres.





Road Irreversible

I long for the 15-year-old me,

as if she were a perfect tragic entity

I yearn to be.

she was soft like afternoons by the train tracks,

not yet hard from weatherbeaten city streets.

she was warm like summer park benches,

not yet frozen by loveless winter apartment nights.

she was in love, alite with melodies of sun

not yet jaded by routine and adults’ run around games.

she was free, to learn and to drink all of love’s promise,

to watch the sky and see nothing but hope in the stars,

to kiss lips and never picture him falling through her hands,

to dance and trust completely

his lead and the tranquil suburban night surrounding.

but she didn’t know this

until now,

as I wonder if I am still so free.


I speak to her at midnight

by my childhood window,

where I can almost meld her soul with mine,

exchanging gray dusk with violet dawn

sometimes interchangeable

other times too separated by black hours of night.

Each time I swim back to her heart

mine beats more slowly

and I cry because I want to love the world again,

yet the road is irreversible,

If I turn around now I’ll lose the horizon,

which she too was facing,

never turning her back.

So I’ll follow her lead

and swear to never look back…

‘Don’t fear the reaper’ I need to be free!

I will smile, and be free.

Free of death–

Which will come when it is ready.

I have broken through

lifelong years of worry

small, indoors it kept me,

away from the sun,

from God,

from electric love,

from tasting free air,

from truly breathing in

music and the night.

I will fly on the wind and jump from cliffs,

like rain, 

unhaunted by humanly affliction.

Come down with me–

down to our South,

Heaven amidst wild land,

Bolivia is calling,

Santiago is yelling,

Lima is yearning,

Buenos Aires is throbbing

with my heartbeat

coursing through the land,

I will be there soon…

We Will

I have never cried for love,

until tonight.

under screenlight, in Santiago

you realized we are not apart,

since my first night in Buenos Aires,

a navy blue night which held so much

of what we’ve come to be,

to my pending return to the city

now belonging to us,

every bar and streetlamp and bottle in the street, ours–

you say simply,

“we will be together and we will be so happy,”

in Spanish, and we’ll have no choice

but to make your words true,

that is how love survives

and surpasses


Si estuvieras

Si estuvieras acá,

besaríamos en las calles

en plena vista, 

como si estuviéramos

en Latinoamérica.

tus ojos cafecitos 

no reflejarían la pantalla,

sino los rayos del sol

que rodeen nuestros cuerpos.

No seríamos caras, piel, labios, besos, voces;

Sino seres completados por el otro.

No viviría con el miedo

de perderte sin saberlo,

sino te cuidaría, me protegerías,

simplemente viviríamos. 

Aguanto noches silenciosas

con un amor doloroso en mi alma,

como si ardiera hasta que me quemara


Como estuviste,

la noche que me llenaste

con nostalgia y el arrepiento

de no haberte más besado. 

me duermo, me llenás otra vez

los sueños, canto tu melodía

al amanecer y en el rocío  

me acuerdo de tu humo

otra vez ando quemando

aunque el aire tiene frió…







I am woman

they will steal money from my pocket,

the jungle will suck my blood,

the world will rob me of chances,

heat may be taken from my bones,

my food may be eaten by those who already eat,

the sun may burn instead of bless me,

the city may stare yet skip over me,

music may taunt instead of calm me,

sex may hunt instead of pleasure me,


I am woman, 

of which no one can rob me.

For you

I will cross the Paraná

what’s death in the face of love?

“a soulmate is someone who challenges you”

I prepare for malaria and draw my blood.

never thought I could be brave

you said I was an alma aventurera y valiente

can you love me through my fear?

I will be with you through the rogue night.

and I have been through endless summer

I would stand at the side of the road with you,

and live on hope alone…

Why I Believe in Peace

You are everything peace is.

we met amidst silence,

music surrounded us

and our bodies moved in harmony all night.

at dawn I held yours and

I left full of fear, 

in your hands, facing a cold world,

I felt alone and you:




I barely could look at you

I fired away at you,

all because I was about to cry.

we parted ways on the day we made our city a battleground.

Time continued in your absence

Eventually I remembered what I had inflicted

and had no more to lose,

I needed peace,

and found you.





What would I do

For love?

He presses my borders, 

would I die for him yet?

stick my thumb, 

then my head,

to the middle of the road.

He is bursting to go;

has a wanderlust heart,

but I am a gypsy,

my road is the land and a guitar.

he is empty of fear, like wind.

his dreams are spiraling

into daring that our city’s not enough.

I can’t follow blind faith in a hungry fate

just by changing perspective

I’m not ready to risk or to lose,

yet I know I will acompany you

through mountains and seas of jungle trees,

love is swallowing every fear.