Roommate Rant, 2 a.m.

5-day old tomato sauce, dried spaghetti, old rice, sticky salad all over the dishes

in stacks by the sink, untouched for days,

I had to make space to run the garbage disposal

and do dishes of my own.

I refuse to do hers,

she needs to learn to live like a responsible adult,

yet she is not learning.

she suggests “we” wash the dishes soon,

she leaves 4 pairs of shoes on the kitchen floor

asks me what dessert I just made,

“lemon pudding” I respond blandly,

soft-serving her sparks of “don’t ask for any

because it took 2 cups of milk to make

which I bought, like I buy everything, with my own money,

which I earn working 40 hours a week

also, ironically, serving people food

but they don’t thank me like they would their mother”

she cluelessly, blindly asks to try some,

“yes, of course”

she uses a non-disposable bowl to eat my food,

skitters back into her room,

and will undoubtably expect me to wash it

when she’s done.


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