Ocean Water

i will keep you warm when cold waters flood the present with the past

I won’t let you freeze from the glaciers of pain I used to cause

but you’ll have to feel for me with all the empathy you can find

abandoned homes under the sea where tsunamis used to strike

don’t let your heart remember, you’re above water now

I didn’t know you, I didn’t mean to sink your trust again

I didn’t know myself, I didn’t mean to sink so low

there’s no oasis in the middle of the sea

no way to make it up to you but spend every day

steering us to shore.

I waited at the water’s edge, dried by the sun

seeing your shape on the horizon I began to focus

my vision and now my eyes only swim with memories

of the future.


Suburban Sun

hot sidewalks, dry trees 

kissing in a dusty sunlight dream

teen kings and queens of Suburbia

overgrown grass in abandoned baseball fields,

holding hands like the world will never end,

concrete drive-in and summer cigarettes,

coca-cola and my dying ’87 Honda engine,

fed with gasoline so I could race back to him

baggy jeans and wild hair, now a hometown memory 

some days all I want is to sit by the tracks,

watching the stars, under sheets and glowing stars

sweet air and innocence, breath calm and mind sound…

Deeper into the night

Home—an oasis

Unsure whether it’s where I started

or where I’m meant to end up;

if it’s warm during the winter,

or if it’s in my mother’s arms.

I am in the middle–

of the start and end,

my dreams and past,

his promises and her tears,

my two homes,

my doubts of each.

Soon I will be heading out,

for now I stay around this town

and hope and save and cry,

around the corner, the ride of my life.

as night grows deeper 

I begin to cry,

the sky darkens and I am more alone,

with the hum of the refridgerator

and nothing more.

Empty home

every place on Earth empty of you

but where you are–

oh fireless, vacant hills at night,

which were my comfort,

why do they no longer glow nostalgically,

but only whir relentlessly

into dust and lostness?

navy sky, starless blue

like the sadness of Los Angeles:

beautiful, hopeless;

a black hole: full of everything,

meaning nothing,

forever spinning,

consuming light.

only attractive by its mystery,

which is, in the end, its nothingness.

I am aching with the absence of true home:

the arms of love…

everywhere in the world is empty of you,

gray without your presence,

until I fly homeward once again.



Anywhere with a view of Buenos Aires…(Con una vista de Buenos Aires)

Un momento más y vuelo–

ya les he despedido a todos–

los recuerdos, los respiros por medianoche

los amores terminados en las veredas y las camas

las escuelas, los caminos, las guitarras en la cochera

y mi mejor amiga.

la deje con lágrimas y la reconocí

por primera vez como la niña de nuestra infancia

–pensé que le había dicho–

si la dejo así paralizada,

como pudiera yo tener la razón?

la juventud no me dio lazos

nomás la lujuria de estar más allá

de este llano.

mi vida es la mujer seducida

por una sed igual que un tornado

pero me voy–

en busca de la pieza

con una vista

de Buenos Aires.