Drifting Thoughts

One slim glass of coca-cola iceless on wood mueble by my pillow where I rest my skin in motionless tranquility so as not to sweat in summer afternoon

adobe tile room,

150 pesos rusty golden coins, a receipt for tomatos, and old Motorola accompany the dewy glass as I sit

and occasionally miss my city as she drifts through my head like breath or waves,

and sometimes her memory even pounds against my bones like veins of blood trembling with heartbeat,

she will always be fuera de la realidad, for her hospitality is rough like pavement and her heart a jungle of chaos;

but her Dream is like roses, an oasis to my soul’s reality.

her promise has fed me, no matter if I fulfill, for the wind has always pushed me where I need to be…


Leaving Earth

I wanted stardust

and to breathe the air that created me

I wanted “puridad de la vida”

So now I fly, like I’m leaving Earth.


What will I do without my brothers?

Mis hermanos de la humanidad–

Mi familia que es la ciudad

Esta rincón de almas

que es el mundo.


What will I do without la diversidad?

Without this oasis

where we feel one and the same?

Pero anhelo el universo,

quiero que sea mi hogar

So I fly, like I’m leaving Earth.


Otra vez veré al sol?

A mi gente, las playas y sandias, las piletas celestes?

Otra vez escucharé el spanglish en las calles?

Sometimes it seems this is the only place to be.

Pero aunque amo, no puedo dejar los pensamientos más soñadores.

So I fly…




you are the sunshadow of my nostalgic past,

the star-ray of my blue night sky present,

the fire glimmer of my endless summer future,

I can’t believe I ever hurt you,

turned you away on Christmas

when even in anger you followed me

and walked across town with me–

I was a different person then.

Buenos Aires saw it all-

and She brings us together again,

in an ocean of fate She is our wave.

Let me envelope you–

never to drown you again

only take you in my arms

in the middle of our city,

though she breathes turmoil

and exhales restless afternoons,

I am calm in your lips,

on our porch with tea and sun.


Dejáme envolverte,

no quemarte,

ni secarte,

sino amarte.

Vos sos destino

carne y madera,

juntáte a las muralles conmigo,

vivimos camuflados 

y libres.