Ocean Water

i will keep you warm when cold waters flood the present with the past

I won’t let you freeze from the glaciers of pain I used to cause

but you’ll have to feel for me with all the empathy you can find

abandoned homes under the sea where tsunamis used to strike

don’t let your heart remember, you’re above water now

I didn’t know you, I didn’t mean to sink your trust again

I didn’t know myself, I didn’t mean to sink so low

there’s no oasis in the middle of the sea

no way to make it up to you but spend every day

steering us to shore.

I waited at the water’s edge, dried by the sun

seeing your shape on the horizon I began to focus

my vision and now my eyes only swim with memories

of the future.


Old Poems: Summer Baby

We walked all the way down to Venice

the sun set on our glass liquor heat

our infrared smiles, lost girl mouths

we sat, she smoked, he drove and

we were forever young

every light told me to stay

the paradise air tried to establish me

the city may pulverize my dreams.

I’m a Summer baby,

under a bed I sleep and hear their dreams

and hope mine isn’t a product of loneliness

For you

I will cross the Paraná

what’s death in the face of love?

“a soulmate is someone who challenges you”

I prepare for malaria and draw my blood.

never thought I could be brave

you said I was an alma aventurera y valiente

can you love me through my fear?

I will be with you through the rogue night.

and I have been through endless summer

I would stand at the side of the road with you,

and live on hope alone…


I live for the moments i can say ‘this didn’t turn out like i thought’ because that is the essence, tragedy, thrill, and beauty of life…

Even midst tears like mountains of melting snow like my heart dissolving into nothingness soon becoming my reflection in a clear pool of emptiness evaporating into dust like God’s secret in the sky, penetrating my skin, saying he loves me, never expected to meet him, not here, not on my first night in a crazy town that is and was and will be home, and also will always be dark and unknown like magic at night, I didn’t think I would love him, I thought I would forget him after we sweat and yelled from the top of Buenos Aires on the angriest Christmas I’ve spent, sleepless and drunk on lostness and dirty like all my nights there, I never thought I’d be flying back for good, to get myself stuck in wild locura whirlwind life on foreign roads, 

and I hope a few moments come, which I didn’t expect, which turn out more beautiful and dulce than I imagined…