Keep to the road

pepsi cap jingles on linoleum floor as it falls from a glass bottle in the afternoon cyber cafe,

I can feel how wonderous life is

from the rusty glass sunny windows and autumn breeze over the computer screens,

raspberry plastic juice bag and crunchy rice chocolate

to keep my belly full on a morning of wind and reality,

always on the move but I sit still here, embracing how life moves by,

at times it´s too slow

to even feel,

so I hope to keep to the road…


Sol del Barrio / Barrio Sun

I did this assignment before but now I feel like delving deeper…

Toes over cobblestone,

tumbleweed, cracks in pavement

train station


echoes of a suitcase

rolling down a quiet road

one girl

miles away from home.

restless wind

stirs in the corners

of the barrio

as faces watch

from porches of cumbia

and sweat.

soccer and dust

creaking railway

dusk and waiting

for a bus full of silent lips.

fear sits like food

in every stomach

filling us up to the brim

with love for the seconds

we spend breathing quietly

in summer tranquility

near and far from where we’ve come,

chokingly saying nothing

and softly knowing everything

under Buenos Aires sun…

Leaving Earth

I wanted stardust

and to breathe the air that created me

I wanted “puridad de la vida”

So now I fly, like I’m leaving Earth.


What will I do without my brothers?

Mis hermanos de la humanidad–

Mi familia que es la ciudad

Esta rincón de almas

que es el mundo.


What will I do without la diversidad?

Without this oasis

where we feel one and the same?

Pero anhelo el universo,

quiero que sea mi hogar

So I fly, like I’m leaving Earth.


Otra vez veré al sol?

A mi gente, las playas y sandias, las piletas celestes?

Otra vez escucharé el spanglish en las calles?

Sometimes it seems this is the only place to be.

Pero aunque amo, no puedo dejar los pensamientos más soñadores.

So I fly…