Keep to the road

pepsi cap jingles on linoleum floor as it falls from a glass bottle in the afternoon cyber cafe,

I can feel how wonderous life is

from the rusty glass sunny windows and autumn breeze over the computer screens,

raspberry plastic juice bag and crunchy rice chocolate

to keep my belly full on a morning of wind and reality,

always on the move but I sit still here, embracing how life moves by,

at times it´s too slow

to even feel,

so I hope to keep to the road…


You are the sea

you– are where the road converges–

the road that is my sea

it never is as endless

as we once thought it to be.

you– are light amidst the rainfall,

are warmth in the cascades

forever falling in the air

that we must fly through to be free.

you– take a breath as I do,

wherever we may be;

you sleep the same night I do

and I see you in my dreams.


The daylight sunlight streams

over green fields of dreams

so as to grow reality.


You– are the top of my world