Keep to the road

pepsi cap jingles on linoleum floor as it falls from a glass bottle in the afternoon cyber cafe,

I can feel how wonderous life is

from the rusty glass sunny windows and autumn breeze over the computer screens,

raspberry plastic juice bag and crunchy rice chocolate

to keep my belly full on a morning of wind and reality,

always on the move but I sit still here, embracing how life moves by,

at times it´s too slow

to even feel,

so I hope to keep to the road…


On the Corner of Misery and Paradise

Of course I miss the beach,

echoed my mind.

I miss the darkness of LA’s night, soulful lost in the rushing roaring rampage of starless black sky who cradles one million faces lit by neon glow like visible loneliness. The beach held my sorrows, her constancy could wash my body in ocean tears, it was only me out there, surfing in her embrace,

in the velvet black water, black air, windswept solitary night where horizon melds with the mountains into which the sea melts,

despite the lonesome hours passed heartaching under blazing rays, nostalgia begins to form a callous over the void and fear that consumed those days and now I see her streets as beautiful, as I never would when my pulsing feet would drag across them waiting for time to accelerate

On the corner of Misery and Paradise, I chose bitterly to cry

eternally waiting at dusk bus stops, alone woman Venice night.

glass stores and garage doors, bringing pizza to soft hands and

warm windows on vacation and pushing on deep into the hours

of night so late they contain every mystery and silence that is held

between our ribs.

our fingertips touching dawn, we would sleep until dusk

so if sun blessed our skin it would feel more like a burn…

I was wrong, the city loved me all along

her time has yet to come,

but her vastness reminds me to be lonely

so I will only pass through

her hills and her valleys…

Friday the 13th, Eve


I have no one–

I’m in the sun, a spotlight on my burned skin

the path is long, and paradice is n o w h e r e.

tonight under a honey moon

I will dream and feel God’s breath

(if He has enough oxygen to spare–

why don’t most people get enough

to breathe?)

this milky way city, unfair and glowing

spits me out like a meteor shower-

crazed and dark, a small night

walking down afternoon sidewalks.


too bad, hair long like kite strings

shirt like her last thread and eyes with night inside

looks desolate like she’d kill for a dollar

red-eyed like a beached cocaine whale

she must have sold herself

and turned herself off, shut her lights down

awhile ago. 

and there she goes, wandering off to Mexico…


dirty lip-using, tequila-hording, irresponsable

teenager, spanish-speaking, pacifist bitch

too loud, too awake, never sleeps,

yet in her slumber I hear my voice

loud like my pride like a kettle like

an american flag. like a girl who doesn’t deserve

anything but her own sins,

nothing to drink but her own blood,

nothing to say but ‘let’s go’

nothing to do but look into their eyes

she’s working the wrong shift

her heels are meant for the pavement


there she goes, walking into the water

still pretending, still running.